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Welcome to Catalyst, your platform for successful investments and thriving startups. We’re excited to introduce a new era of collaboration, innovation, and growth in the Lebanese startup ecosystem. As pioneers in this space, we’re diligently working behind the scenes to bring you a revolutionary platform that connects startups with visionary investors.

What we do

Who is it for?

If you’re a startup with a vision for success and growth, Catalyst is your ideal partner. We’re here to work with ventures that possess:

  • Solid Team
  • Value Proposition
  • Minimum Viable Product – MVP
  • Revenues
  • Registered
  • Scalable Model

This is How it works

Embarking on a collaborative journey, Catalyst streamlines the process of connecting startups with visionary investors. Here's how it all comes together

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While we’re busy fine-tuning our platform, we can’t wait to reveal the exciting features we have in store for you. Our team is committed to creating a seamless and impactful experience for startups and investors alike. Stay tuned for updates and announcements as we get closer to our launch date.


At Catalyst, our mission is to enable entrepreneurs and investors to tap into investment opportunities, through a platform that fosters growth, innovation, and sustainable success. We’re dedicated to providing startups/SMEs with the resources, mentorship, and funding they need to thrive, while connecting angel investors with promising businesses. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the development of a robust investment ecosystem.


Our vision is to create a vibrant and interconnected investment ecosystem that propels early and growth stage businesses to success. We envision a future where access to funding and investments is digitized and hassle-free, where investors discover transformative opportunities.

Join Our Network

Are you a startup looking for funding, mentorship, and growth opportunities? Or an investor seeking promising ventures to support? We invite you to be part of this transformative movement. By submitting your profile, you’ll be among the first to gain access to our platform and contribute to its development.

Message from the Founder

I’m excited to welcome you to a new era of collaboration and growth in the investing ecosystem. As an entrepreneur who has navigated the thrilling yet challenging terrain of startups, I understand the pivotal role that the right investors play in moving ventures forward. Throughout my journey for the last decade, I contributed to the foundation of hundreds of startups and initiatives and provided business support and mentorships through several engagements and programs that I have been part of at our organizations and accelerators, not to mention my own ventures. I have encountered the challenge of finding the perfect match, the investors who not only bring capital but also share the vision and passion for the venture. It’s from this very experience that the idea for Catalyst was born.

Haitham Saab